Thursday, February 14, 2013

11th Valentine 2013

This year is my 11th Valentine with my hubby…. But the 1st year to receive flower on this particular day. Every year he will say the flowers are triple price of the normal rate.. so its better not to waste money.. I agree with him Even though I still yearn for bouquet.
This year valentine with roses gives me lots of happiness..

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I had a great Pongal with my  family and friends. Feel so good to see my kids jumping around and dancing. First I got scolded from my Mother in law cause I didn’t apply for leave to celebrate pongal. But still she did all the necessary before I reach home after work in order for me to cook pongal. Very kind of her. 

After that we all make move to temple where our friends waiting… I consider this as my happiest pongal. And the first one in my new house…  

Monday, December 31, 2012


Today is the last day for us to say goodbye to 2012. I’ll miss this year as it has been a wonderful year for me. I have achieved so many dreams and the most important part is that I receive supports, help and LOVE from my kids. It has been an absolute joy to work on my dreams with my kids. I'm also Happy for my sister Bavani who gave birth “baby Boy”. My brother got married with his choice of gal.

2012 will go down in my memory as a wonderful year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Anniversary Of Daughter's Death

Last year 28th November 2011, my daughter passed away 16 hours after birth. It has been difficult for me to bear. I’ll never forget the little angel.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Neighbour

Yesterday "25th November 2012" me and my family went for movie. At Brem Mall to watch "THE RISE OF GUARDIAN" .. While enjoying the cartoon my hubby received a call, but he disconnect the call. Once we were out, he immediately called the number and found out that it was our neighbour Mr. Ravi.. I never liked them cause they only talk to us when they need something. sometimes our smile will be return with sour face. When we call them for House warming, they can even close the door without answering if they can make it or not.

well, Mr. Ravi request our favour to fetch him at his working place and drive his car home cause he’s not well. I ask my hubby why can’t his mrs do tat since she also know to drive. I thought something wrong but my hubby say neighbours should help each other. So I drop my hubby to his working place and went back.

i reach home first and saw  the whole family member were home including the wife and her car too parked outside. they didn't even bothered to come to me and ask how is Mr. Ravi. Once my hubby reach , i ask my hubby is that fellow really sick or wat? I don’t see the family worried or concern... he say the guy lied. once he get into the car He start talking about  MLM biz and he manage to make my hubby agree to attend a meeting on this Thursday... there is no sign of sick.

one day he will be in same situation as “THE LIAR SHEPHERD” 
 he will call us when he really fall sick and tat time we will not believe.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Really happy that I had my day out with family after so long. Of course we do go out monthly, but most of the time is for movies.. Even though this outing is just near to us, still it was a pleasant joy at snowalk i-city shah alam. We had a very enjoyable moment there. I choose daytime to have fun to avoid crowd and parking problem. Definitely I will miss the scenery at night outside the snowalk but its worth every moment we spend without crowd. There were less than 10 people including us at snowalk. Tickets to enter were cheaper, RM 25 for adult and RM 20 for children. Parking only cost RM 2.00 and we parked our car near to ticket counter and snow entrance. The theme park is suitable to be visited by all age groups and families who love cold. My second prince enjoyed once he entered but start complaining after ½ hour passed because it was extremely cold!! Still we all manage to make him stay and have fun at least for 1 ½ hour.

Before going to Snowalk, i make sure grab tips from blogs by people who have visited before and even with frens।So, that i would not waste money on something i will regret unless im in desperate circumstance to buy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Naan EE

NAAN EE is awesome movie without a boring moment. Sudeeps spell bound performance, difficult to describe. He have made me laugh to tears in a scene where he pull of his towel to chase the fly away. Even Though Nani's role very limited, he impresses as a lover boy.. Santhanam LOL.. he have changed for the sake of LOVE. Samantha is sweet and emotes well. i have started to like her. Undoubtedly NAAN EE team has done a Brilliant Job and Worth The Money I Spent for it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kadhalil Sodhappavadhu Yeppadi

I truly enjoyed it. I don’t have to elaborate the storyline since there are so many reviews. Just want to share the scenes I enjoyed.

Each time Siddharth talking to the camera makes me laugh. And yes, I happen to find few of the dialogues are apparently same as my hubby using in our quarrels. The scene in the restaurant where Siddharth sits without thinking anything (didn’t know guys can just sit for hours without thinking anything) and DAM opening sequence are all fabulously funny. Not forgetting the scene where the Boyfren promise will never lie to his gal. LOL.

For those who missed the movie, Trust me you should watch it. Because the movie was a Fun ride till the end.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back on April

Very busy with my house renovation. Will be back ON April

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Oh, where do I began, It was really a wonderful and blessed Birthday. My hubby blown me with flowers and cake delivery to my office. When my colleagues ask me what my kids bought for me, I say they are still small. Only a kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything till I reach their school to fetch them. They chase their frens and make them wish me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. It’s a kind of different gift. Speechless, filled with happiness. We had dinner outside, taking one day break from kitchen. After the celebration, I went to sleep earlier than them cause too tired of being happy the whole day.

Usually when I got monthly menstrual, I will put the mattress down and sleep. My eyes are closed but not sleeping. That’s when I heard my two kids whispering to each other saying “amma sleep already. Let’s kiss her and say we love her”. So sweet. Once they done, they switch off the light.

This is the best part. Once they off the light they could not see clearly to get on the bed. The first foot stepped on my head to climb on the bed is Rageshvarma(Anna). Second is Sevvelsharmaah (Thambi). My eyes popped but I didn’t shout. Due to sweetest birthday treat, I have to hold the pain and sleep like nothing happen. The next morning when I woke up, first thing came to my mind is how heavy was the last gift.